SECOMP International

SECOMP International - Professional Computer Accessories Export / International

We have a new name! Since the 1st of June 2015 our company name is no longer ROTRONIC Logistics, now we are SECOMP International. Nothing else has changed, same people, same products, same serviceā€¦

Since more than 25 years the ROTRONIC-SECOMP group stands for professional IT products such as computer accessories, network technology, security equipment and consumer electronics. Our quality management begins with careful product selection and ends with thorough and realistic in-house labor testing. New shipments are systematically sampled and inspected in accordance with DIN ISO 2859.

As a leading supplier in Europe we purchase goods at large-scale from manufacturers around the world. With our affiliate companies in Taipei, London, Paris and Zurich we are in daily contact with more than 200 suppliers. Our central warehouse in Ettlingen (Germany) has the capacity for 10,000 pallets. Our range of goods encompasses around 5,000 unique products. A stocking availability of roughly 95% enables us to achieve the same-day delivery of incoming orders until approximately 15:00 hours.